*Custom JDS designed, fabricated sch10 Manifolds with T4 flanges

*Fits a pair of Full T4 turbos with S-cover, 60-series cover, or CT4 covers (We can drop in as large as a pair of Billet 7875's)

*Retains all OEM accessories and creature comforts such as A/C

*Full 3" Downpipes, no upgrades required

*Large, extremely efficient BELL 4.5" Thick core Intercooler with air-guides installed along with full air shrouding to direct air-flow.

*Full 2.5" Cold-side tubing from turbos to the BELL Intercooler, 3.5" out into the Throttle body.

*Air Intake piping runs up high and over the radiator into S&B Filters to provide a complete street-friendly kit

*Turbos mounted up high and have a significant drop for oil to properly gravity drain into the oil pan, NO Scavenging pump needed!

*Full Ceramic coating on the hot-side piping along with heat management products included to protect your engine bay from heat available and optional.

*Powder-coating to cold-side tubing allows you to customize the look to fit your vehicle's available and optional.


-Bare with no Turbos, WGs, BOV, or AC Kit. This runs $6249 with the ability to add in the components above of your choice from drop down menus to make as complete or bare as you desire!

-Complete with a pair of Precision pt6266cea Turbos (can substitute from drop-down menu's), Turbosmart Hyper-gate wastegates, 50mm BOV, and all accessories such as our engine mount pedestals, Hinson Poly mounts, C6 Oil Pan, all oil-lines, CTS-V AC Conversion kit, etc. This runs $8995.

-Also available is our full 3" Muffler-Less Axle-Back to make the kit complete from off the engine out the rear bumper with tips in full 3" with no neck downs or restrictions at all for the ultimate in performance and sound!

Kit is now 100% complete and available for purchase here: CLICK HERE

Check out the 1320video vlog series featuring this kit on Kyle's personal C5 here: https://www.youtube.com/user/1320video/videos 

Huron Speed C5 Corvette Twin Turbo

Kits are currently AVAILABLE for sale! We are in our early release stage right now which means we do not have a full installation guide available just yet. However considering this we are offering the kits at a discounted price and including a few extra parts as well to get your feedback on! Rest assured we already have a kit on our car right here in house so we can supply you with any photos you request and help with any questions during your installation. We will not leave you out to dry giving you some nice installation tips/photos, just not a complete step by step guide just yet, currently in progress!


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Kit Details/Specs